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Welcome to our home on the 'net. We are an Alberta Canada based web store and payment can be made in U.S. or Canadian dollars through Paypal. Under special circumstances we can take an international money order. THE LAST TWO WEEKS OF MARCH ORDERS WILL BE DELAYED. Thank you for your patience.. Any customer awaiting their orders will be given a discount when it is mailed out at the end of March. I have multiple thousands of these patterns and many are not yet listed. If you have a number in mind, just ask.
Check out our ANOTHER GREAT MONTH OF PATTERNS IN MARCH AND APRIL, many hard to find out of print Vogue patterns are featured EACH month.. I will have a new influx of interesting patterns in May and will offer a discount to customers during that month. Vogue patterns are featured every month, they are my favorite.. . .. ...Patterns and Dolls are added daily. We have an Eaton's Beauty 1941 doll as well as several beautiful Barbara Ann Scott dolls, one is all so original in her original box, done in pink glitter and very light blonde mohair wig. Many number 4 and 5 Barbie dolls and Barbie doll clothing not yet listed.. Just ask.. Be sure to check our Front Page here for Specials of the Month. . Don't forget we always combine shipping and refund excess shipping paid. There may even be a month with a discount on our gorgeous antique to modern dolls, Barbies included. Any refunds are through Paypal AND CHECK OUT OUR MULTIPLE HUMMEL DOLLS, BEAUTIFUL FRENCH AND GERMAN ANTIQUE DOLLS, BARBIES, New Old Barbies are being constantly.. I just don't know where I acquired all these early 60s Barbies but they are magnificent. Some are in original boxes with booklets and stands; and shortly we will be listing our massive inventory of gorgeous jewellry, Sherman, brand names or not, they are lovely. NEW Customers, Welcome!...We are a friendly website!!! .

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With over 100,000 patterns yet to be listed, if there is a specific item you are searching for, ask us! Sit back and relax; our selection is amazing. Vogue patterns are a specialty, as well as the most beautiful selection of antique to modern dolls. Original Barbies and their 1961 Cardboard Doll House live here too. Dog and Pet clothing items are forthcoming, as well as jewelery, vintage wool felt and fur hats. Any patterns that are previously cut are checked out personally and noted.

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Some of our product categories ...

- Sewing patterns 1920 to modern
- Sewing books and kits
- Dolls antique to modern
- Vintage hats, handbags, jewelry, belt buckles
- Pet clothing
- Furs
- Craft and fashion books
- Fabrics and sewing notions
- Stuffed animals and toys
- Belt Buckles as well as Fine Watches
- Collectibles and
- Vintage toy sets, #5 Barbies, Barbie cardboard doll house and Prom Game also, hard to find tag clothing, etc.. R.C.M.P., tin litho buildings, tin dollhouses, miniature dollhouse furniture etc..

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