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Manufacturer: Madame Alexander
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Description 21 inches tall, magnificent doll.. not mint perfect but a glorious display doll. 21" Madame Alexander Agatha in rare pink dress with black sequin and pink braid trim. back of her head says 1961 and one write up says she was produced in 76 She has beautiful , nylons, pantaloons, slip and hoop crinoline as well as her beautiful long flare pink dress. Her hair is excellent too. . As I received her.. I cannot get over her character face and pink lip grin.. she has blue sleep eyes and they seem a bit cloudy. she is in her original gone with the wind pink gown which is enhanced with a hoop crinoline.... she has lovely blonde rooted hair and pulled back in a nice do. she is wearing the trademark "diamond: ring also. Agatha is on the tag of her dress Madame Alexander. Included with her was a light pink formal cape that has marks on it and including it with her.. She is very articulated and jointed, swivel waist, etc.. I do not want to undress her.., knees are jointed and waist.. just a lovely vintage Madame Alexander doll, not pure perfect but beautiful. #2287. bike room.. she would be too expensive to ship overseas.. probably close to $100... sorry about the quality of the pictures, pictures do not portray properly the personality of this doll. I have the other one Cornelia n blue ensemble and her pics will follow shortly. for the Portrait doll in pink choose pink in the menu and for the portrait doll in blue choose blue in the menu.. advise which gal you wish.