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Manufacturer: Japan
Description THIS IS FOR A LOT OF SWEET DOLLHOUSE SIZE DOLLS all pretty well the same size except the little celluloid kewpie... the old little Kewpie has dents on the body, and has a symbol and writing on the back cannot read it about 2 inches tall or so.... and next is an early plastic Canadian Reliable baby doll about 3 or so inches tall circa 1946 all one piece molded plastic.. the Kewpie little one has jointed arms., and next is an Italian jointed doll plastic I believe with red knitted garment and made in Italy on the back.. about 3 1/2 inches tall. and next is a very charming older celluloid doll with dark blue velvet dress and red collar, believe this doll should be Italian as well with the felt collar.., sleep eyes, cute doll, jointed, cannot remove her dress as to identity but looks like the Italian type dolls. has a curl in front of her forehead, molded.... and another little girl doll about 3 1/2 inches tall and believe she is Italian as well, molded hair, dark red velvet dress with lace trim, red painted shoes., writing on her back. cute doll. sleep eyes and believe it is early plastic also.. and including her twin sister, molded hair, sleep eyes and in the cutest little vintage ballerina costume, one piece body, jointed arms. and the last little fellow is a dark brown boy doll with red and white wrapped body garment, very well created and turtle mark on his back, celluloid.. all these dolls in one lot.. overall nice condition. inventory 1386