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Description lovely Toni girl platinum blonde hair P-90 Ideal doll by Ideal, 14 inch hard plastic P-90 on her back.. beautiful hair with flowing waves. her hair needs styling. . sleep eyes,, eye shade a bit of blue green. all hard plastic. as I received her.. circa 1954 to 56.. inventory 2235 bin 1 ds filed 14" Hard Plastic Ideal Toni doll P-90 . Beautiful blond beauty with blue green sleep eyes. Doll seems to have all of her eyelashes intact dark and thick and smoky eye shadow. She has a closed mouth and red lips. Her cheeks are nicely blushed with no scuffs. Doll has her original platinum blond Toni wig in long waves. Doll's hair could be styled and set with products you could buy endorsing the Toni home perms. She is all hard plastic she is not a saucy walker where her head turns.. Doll wears a vintage blue and white check dress.. and layered lacy trim cotton undies, she arrived wearing a knit camisole undershirt and a knit slip. . Doll is in nice condition with her original bright face paint and no splits or scuffs in her plastic. Her hair is nice and full and believe there are no trims in her curls. Doll's eyes are clear and sleep nicely Marks: Ideal Doll 90 Circa 1954-1956. Lovely platinum Toni doll with great coloring. she is wearing long vintage socks and white rubber shoes, I will send another pair of shoes home with her.