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Description kind of neat and cool we have three dolls to choose from 15.00 each.. each in sealed bag.. first we have the doctor.. emergency hospital by toy galaxy. made in China distributed in Canada.. white uniform complete with shoes, green cross.. choose version 1 for the doctor. he is about 11.5 inches tall barbie size, . then we have the little cute nurse with headband, she is a bit shorter about 11 inches tall, white heels and uniform same company choose version 2 for the nurse.... and the third version is a brunette in swimsuit 1988 barbie size Lisa Anne Tak A Toy made in China for Totsy Toy. she is version 3. all three are in original packaging.. inventory 2502 doll room. AND HAVE ADDED THREE MORE TO THE VERSIONS AND CHOICE.. for version 4 we have Margie as shown in a white bathing suit still in package, pink open toes. made in hong kong 1982 blonde hair, choose version 4 for Margie she may be sold and am checking; , turn waist, vinyl head, rooted hair. and two more in packages.. we have a girl skiier as shown with hot pink and lime green outfit, complete with ski poles. and skiis but no shoes, will include a pair of shoes for her. actually the package is sealed so she may not have arrived with boots or shoes.. for the girl skiier Ski Set for Diana, choose version A in the menu. and we have the boy skiier with orange cap, vinyl or plastic and boots, and skiis and poles choose version B in the menu for the boy skiier... this is Ski Playset for Charlie. ADVISE WHICH DOLL OR DOLLS YOU WISH PLEASE. THANK YOU FILED FF BR inventoried DOLL ROOM SHELF 7 OK inventoried