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Description A fiery redhead with attitude Kimber is Jerrica's little sister and the youngest Hologram band member. Hasbro issued two versions of Kimber, the 1985 aka 1st Edition & the 1986 aka 2nd Edition, the second edition is the third rarest Jem doll only behind the second Shana and second Aja. Each doll came with: 1st Edition Kimber (above) : stage fashion, keyboard guitar in light purple, pink pump style shoes,, comb, cassette tape with "Only the Beginning", "Twilight in Paris" and the "Jem Theme" and a pink stand. 2nd Edition Kimber (right): came with her stage fashion, aqua head-scarf, keyboard guitar in pink with glitter, pink pump style shoes, hairpick, cassette with the songs "Can't Get My Love", "Love's Not Easy" & the "Jem Theme" & a pink stand IS THE BACKGROUND on this doll as you see her with fiery hot pink red hair, a green knit strapless dress with colored scarf around her waist, and neon type yellow tights and pink shoes probably original to her, she has a pair of sunglasses too in silver.., very articulated. love her eyeshadow that matches the hair, about 12 inches tall the only one of the Jem dolls I have like her.. Kimber.. previously owned and well taken care of. SHE IS shown with her Canadian friend who is listed separately. Caucasian doll with long red-pink hair. She differs from the 1st edition by the presence of earring holes. She also comes with an aqua blue stretch-lace bandana, which should be attached to her head, but usually isn't with loose dolls! SEEMS she is the second edition with her earrings. inventory 1466 shelf 7 doll room and I am so excited I found her a wonderful pair of yellow squishy vintage high heels that fit her perfect and they are a perfect match to her tights.. ok