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Description M this is the first produced Sonny doll and they were well made.. . I have the brochure too that came with Sonny. Marked on neck: ????MEGO CORP. 1976 D he is handsome in his jeans and white shirt, molded moustance, box is a bit of wear condition. not removed from boxes.. 12 inch tall and poseable.. No. 62401) Sonny Bono Doll 1976 Doll is 12" tall, all vinyl, pose able, with jointed waist and wrists, painted hair and features, sun toned skin wearing long sleeve white shirt with V placket in black and bell bottom jean type slacks with black shoes. Marked on neck: ????MEGO CORP. 1976; Before issuing, a preview of Sonny & Cher dolls was shown in the catalogue of the 1976. Both are very different, Sonny's face is serious, and the arms of Cher were bent at right angles. The final of the Sonny doll version was given a smile and the arms of Cher were put straight. Both dolls was after unveiled at The Mike Douglas Show. quotes from the internet. this is for the Sonny doll in box with booklet. only have one.. bike room he weighs about 380 grams with packaging so will go as small packet up to 500 grams. inventory ff ok inventory 2633 INVENTORIED SHELF 6 TOP