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Manufacturer: American Character
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Description American Character or Amer. Char., identifying the company name, and may have patent #2675644. . our adorable little precious girl seems to be the original Tiny Tears circa early 50s and has the patent number on the back of her hard head and if her body is rubber she is not deteriorating per se, off color but not bad.. she needs to be cleaned up and is not perfect, marks on her face, she just is overall adorable... i AM allergic to all cleaners etc. chemicals, and this doll is being sold as I received her and as shown in the picture.. love those chubby cheeks.. inventory 1276 and the blue dress is how I received her, actually an older era dress, and will send her home with a diaper.. cute little thing.. adorable 11 1/2 1954 American Character Tiny Tears baby Pat. No. 2.675.644. She is the early version with the molded hair for this doll shown in pictures choose version 1.. and I now have another one similar, cutie, open nurser mouth, wearing a vintage red and white polkadot dress, very vintage and would assume it is her era, no labels I can see. and wearing white cotton leggings.. nice blue eyes, brown curled tightly hair. lovely blue eyes. back of her head says American Character pat no. 2 etc. same as above,, advise which doll you wish.. the one in the red polka dot dress would be version 2. filed doll rm ok shelf 3 inventoried both inventoried doll rm