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Manufacturer: American Character
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Description THERE ARE SOME DOLLS EVEN WITH FLAWS THAT ARE SO ADORABLE AND KEEPERS.. this is easily one of them, she is not perfect but a fine example of an era long ago.. shoulder head doll with original fine blonde wig loosened from her head, sleep eyes, closed red mouth, original blush, crazing on face.. and lower arms are composition and her body and legs are stuffed.. seam up front of the legs and she still has her very old original burlap color onesie on her and the dress you see in the picture could so easily be her original. it is very old and quite good condition and heavy fabric and just fits her, hard to take off. about 14 inches long. her shoulder plate reades Petite then Am. Char. Doll on her plate.. she has an old crier that is mute on her back.. her arms almost look gauntlet type and could be the very end of the 20s to the beginning of 1930.. looks like an original or antique necklace around her neck... not perfect but perfectly lovable. would be great to dress her up fancy, her dress she came with does not do her justice,, good home please for this dear American Character fine doll from about the late 20s to 30s.. Petite on her back of her head. AND CHECKING the net. would say this doll would be circa 1927 and an American Character Petite Baby doll. INVENTORY 127 shelf 1