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Description I just located a cute Francie doll with brown eyes and lashes.. I am not an expert with any of these Barbie dolls and family.. too much to know, so I depend on experts.. she has a grow hair type piece at the back of her head, very light blonde. pink blush and bubblegum pink closed lips.. the expert said she only has a wee bit of the yellow aging that came with the mix from this era of Barbie dolls.. many are very yellowed.. I could not even see any yellow and a bit of touch up on her lips... bend legs.. we washed her up and she looks pretty good.. please go by pictures.. very pretty light blonde Francie doll circa 1970 on estimate. I will find a dress for her to go home with, thank you INTERNET WRITE UP ON THIS FRANCIE rancie with Growin' Pretty Hair (1970 - 1973) featured a retractable ponytail so you could control the length of her hair and style it in to many different styles. Model #: 1129 Issue Date: 1970, 1971,1972 and 1973 Box Date: 1970 Head: Francie head Inner Rim marked: ???? 1965 Mattel Inc (May also have country name) Francie with Growin' Pretty Hair with Box - First Version Hair: Blonde hair with bangs. Bun on top of head is a retractable ponytail. Face: Brown eyes with rooted eyelashes light brown eye brows deep pink lips and blush - . THE TOP OF her hair seems cut, pictures show a bun at the top,, we have short hair near her long hair piece.. sold as I received her.. and including a second blonde Francie grow hair and her hair does not seem cut and seems quite long. with cute bangs in front. brown eyes, lashes, nice lips.. the lashes seem a bit uneven. and she has chew marks on her legs... not perfect. legs click fine.. both Francie dolls combined as shown in picture.. our full length grown hair Francie , SHE NEEDS A BATH.