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Manufacturer: Mattel
Description I wanted something so unique for Barbie's birthday of 50 years which coincided with reopening of our website store... so including these two items..... First is a You're 6 Birthday Card, 1995 glorious color, tropical, gorgeous dolls and this would be the Barbie doll with the softer face,, she is in the tropics in the front and fold out card shows her as a glamorous ballerina, and last page in a fairy godmother gown. not used. crisp Hallmark card.. and including a Simpsons-Sears Days advertisement full page, bit of wear but all intact except a wee square on the bottom left side.. and look at these original Barbies, would estimate 1960 for this advertisement.. bARBIE is shown in her original striped bathing suit from that era... this page introduced Suzette, and Don with moulded hair. and they were .99 cents each on introduction. Now how old is that.. and precious indeed are the numbers and the listing of the outfits available for Barbie and friends.. such as 121 is a set of 4 hats,,, 107 is pettipants and crinoline, 114 is slim jims and blouse, I forgot about that phrase.. and then a listing for outfits for boy dolls.. all .99 cents each.. what a glimpse into nostalgia.. and pictures of Barbie in all these outfits in black and white throughout the ad and her jewellry etc.. this was done by the Albertan paper, Calgary, Alberta Canada.... both go together as small packet insured but not traceable and well packaged for their journey.. inventory #799