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Manufacturer: Mattel
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Description i HAVE FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION AN IDENTIFIED NUMBER 4 PONYTAIL AND HER HAIR LOOKS BLACK, DONE IN A BRAIDED PONYTAIL.. I understand that a few braided ponytails were made for the #4 Barbie doll. she comes as I received her.. molded black lashes, just about straight ahead eyes.. wearing nailpolish and toe polish that could have been applied later... she is on a Barbie body.. she has two earring holes.. ear has some discoloration... wearing her striped black and white swimsuit and will go home with BLACK JAPAN open toe shoes. .. circa 1960 dark brunette almost black hair Barbie doll identified as a #4., she does not have any bangs per se in the front, all pulled back into the ponytail. and there seems to be thinning on the top of her head... Japan bottom of her feet.. a few flaws overall nice vintage barbie doll.. 1960 #4 DARK BRUNETTE BRAIDED PONYTAIL BARBIE DOLL,STRIPE SUIT A WRITE UP RE THE NUMBER 4 PONYTAIL Barbie?? #4 was the first doll that came with tan vinyl. Available as both a blonde and brunette with a hard curl on the end of their ponytail, some dolls had factory braided hair. The doll featured blue eyes, brown brows, and red lips. Release Date: 1/1/1960 Product Code: 0850-1960. 850 #4 Barbie Ponytail doll 1960 inventory # 1937 lr. as I received her, heavy body. she has a pair of black open toe Japan shoes she will go home with.. which goes with her zebra swimsuit.. She also will be going home in an unidentified almost identical to Golden Girl Barbie strapless brocade gold dress as shown in pictures. filed doll room inventoried file box