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from doll reference, new bubblecut hairstyle, new titian (red or auburn) hair color, also blonde, brownette (this is the lighter brown or sable) & brunette/black, rest same as 5 and 6 ponytail. Lip and nail colors vary from red to pale bubblegum pink. her lips would need to be repainted. our barbie is in her original red swimsuit and she does not have patent pending on her backside so she is the earlier Barbie doll.. box is dated 1962. and color bubble cut is ash blonde.. imported from Japan. great Barbie, lovely hair color, comes as I received her one owner doll with original packaging, the metal stand, a booklet, SHE will go home with a vintage little red sensations sheath. the hem is loose. . she also goes home with a pair of black mules Japan and a booklet.. original price sticker of 2.98 on box. bit of wear, not bad.. this is such a lovely Barbie doll as shown in pictures.. box 850 circa 1962 or 63.. New red one piece helenca swimsuit, various lip/nail colors, this appears to be on her lower back: Slightly taller body, rest same as 1962, new markings of Midge/Barbie. Mark: Midge T.M. ???? 1962 Barbie ???? ???? 1958 by Mattel, Inc. inventory # 1375 Barbie's red helenca swimsuit 850 Barbie Bubblecut 1962 and she is not wearing earrings but would have had a pair when she was first introduced.. AND i WAS told by a doll expert that this Barbie appears to be a side part Barbie which is more hard to find. she has a bit of darkening at one ear hole on one side. FILED FF