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Manufacturer : Mattel
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Description INVENTORY 1474.. never thought i would get into Barbies,, love the antique dolls of a hundred years ago but Barbie found her way into my heart and home. and have many precious Barbies and Barbie clothing in stock.. this one is so lovely wonderful bubble cut Barbie doll circa 1962 to 1963. . nice makeup and apparently the lips could be touched up. solid body no chews or bites coral tone nailpolish and lipstick, great eyes, side glancing blue eyes and heavy makeup.. back tush says midge barbie etc.. I was informed she is a lemon blonde bubble cut Barbie doll 1962 as I received her, she will go home with a red swimsuit and red japan open toe shoes.. She is wearing this soft knit stripe dress, undies, and has red Japan open toe heels.. LR. I have added a picture of our cute Barbie with more views and a knit dress I absolutely love and suits our girl here.. she has a wee bit of darkening but no green on one earring pinhole.. She is a straight leg Barbie doll and her body is a Midge Barbie Mattel Patented signature on backside, I believe a 7 on the left butt cheek. nice condition body.. New doll mark: Midge T. M. ?? 1962 Barbie ?? ?? 1958 by Mattel, Inc. filed. doll room.. our blondie will go home with a red bubblecut swimsuit as well. the red open toe shoes which completes the swimsuit inventoried bubble box