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Description Last one today and I am at a loss how to describe this vintage Barbie sew free type clothing for barbie dolls on cloth.. I have taken pictures of everything in this package.. there are two small zippers as well. lots of designs, skating costume in blue calico, and was excited with the blue and pink paisley barbie dress I have that all sewn up, .. one crisp huge panel is daywear for any 11 to 12 inch doll that is the blue dress and the open chanelle jacket. also a blue dress with hot yellow and pink stripe bodice.. just cut and sew I presume two dresses on that big panel. round circle calico is a skirt, and the other white print is a skirt also. .. also leisure wardrobe for barbie size doll. this seems very vintage late 60s on estimate.. lounging robe there are traced patterns for sun dress etc on paper. and including the easy to make doll clothes for only pennies an outfit to fit 11 to 12 inch teen dolls, barbie, midge, tammy, terry and jan. wardrobe and that is dated 1965. uncut lots of patterns complete wardrobe it says.. and with the fabric is the original kit cover Mary Ellen's dress up time doll wardrobe for any 11 or 12 inch doll no pattern needed printed on pure cotton material, cut and sew together.. dresses, evening gown, jacket, cape and coat. I do not know if all the fabric is complete as stated on the cover.. two little brass buckles included.. love this whole package and will go as packet or parcel mail