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Description FOR THE BOY AND GIRL CALLED TOD L TIM FOR HIM AND TOD L DEE FOR HER. RUBBER DOLLS circa 1953 and marked on the bottom of their molded shoes.. team outfits as I received them.. and they are fragile and old.. I started to remove the pants and realized it would tear . she is so cute and has a Giants baseball shirt on with snaps and white satin pants with red trim down the side.. love their molded shoes, and they have molded hair, and molded clothing all part of their body.. she has black marks on her bodice and I am allergic to all chemicals so could not try to remove it.. do not see any chews, do not look played with.. Canadian Viceroy Sun Rubber Company dolls.. nice overall condition.. she stillhas the original plastic molding between her fingers.. inset glassine dark brown eyes, blonde molded hair, a real keeper.. and her brother is cute with his Dodgers shirt, and red and white cotton pants in stripes. looks like the back waist was reinforced with iron on under the back waistband.. they have squeakers too. and his sister does too.. cutie dolls. wonderful for display.. names engraved on bottom of the shoes.. for him and her. inventory 1406 THESE DOLLS ARE IN overall nice condition and believe they have only been displayed.... from what little I can see of the girls white painted undies, the paint is still intact.. many of these peel over the years.. and the boy is molded undies and skin color. doll room shelf 6 lower INVENTORIED