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Description as I received her, as you see her. #725. clearing the dolls out, she would make a nice addition to any collection. circa 1959 absolutely beautiful doll, Revlon, Sweet Sue quality and era, made by Dee and Cee, 16 inch approx. and believe she is the Cindy bride doll and this would have been one of her travelling outfits on her honeymoon.... vinyl body, feels like hard vinyl, jointed hips, shoulders and neck.. vinyl head with wonderful original coloring, blush, red lips, blue sleep eyes, lashes, painted lowers, rooted curly brown hair, closed red mouth. mark on head D&C and on back body Dee an Cee.. very quality doll of her era, original matching red nail polish and toenail polish. and what an outfit,, polished cotton pure red romper strapless, capri length, with full circle red and white polka dot skirt with wide waistband... matching shawl or scarf, THIS doll is all original in original box and used the write up from one that I sold recently. she is wearing it as a scarf.. all in polished cotton, she is wearing a little travel bag in red original pearl earrings, that would have matched her bridal gown. and noted in the book pg 95 of the green Canadian book of dolls.. this doll is just simply beautiful., very neat original set hair, no chews or bites, been on display, original red strappy heels as well... weighs 600 grams unboxed so would have to go as 1 kg weight .quality Cindy Bride 1959 doll, some of the best dolls were made in that era..fashion doll Cindy Dee & Cee original outfit, she is still attached to her original Dee n cee box, has blue pinwheel sleep eyes. lovely ash blonde hair.. and she has a pearl necklace as well.. as I received her.. no lid for the box just the bottom of the box she came in. I sold an almost identical one recently and kept some of her pictures in this ad so you can see complete views of her without her clothes on etc..