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Description REVLON QUALITY, A BALLERINA OF THE FINEST QUALITY, believe this is circa 1958 and may have been distributed by a Canadian company.. SHE IS ABOUT 17" tall and previously owned Ballerina by Valentine, in PINK AND GOLD netting original ballet outfit,Capezios 17-18??????? , her legs and joints seem to function well. hard plastic fully jointed body, back of head may say VW, hard to read think it is 16 VW , a Valentine doll. and Valentine did make a ballerina doll in 1958 similar to this doll with 17VW so it would be Valentine Doll Company of Toronto, they were in existence 1949 to 1959 so went out of business shortly after she was born. .. in 1959 they made a 15 inch ballerina with plastic body, rooted brown curls and pink ballerina costume, 1959 she is., pretty head is softer vinyl... click nicely and are stiffer legs not loose and her arms are wonderful in the ballerina pose,,, just a very nice doll, previously owned over 50 years old beautiful original pink ballerina dress with gold and pink netting or tulle, silver trim, and Capezio ballerina shoes.. dark red perfect closed mouth, blue pinwheel sleep eyes, and lashes, her matching taffeta pink undies are pinned at the back,, she is a beauty. has one only of the long pink ballerina leggings or stockings as well as her beautiful rubbery ballerina shoes Capezio on the bottom no ties ... as you see her. jointed hips, shoulders and neck.. she is in the pointed toe position.. gorgeous indeed.... clearing out my stock our ballerina doll weighs 400 grams without packaging so will go up to 1 kg small packet to the U.S. if we can keep the weight to 1 kg, overseas would be $33. or if over 1 kg is $50.00 airmail or surface mail would be about $21. inventory #1515..all original ballerina Canadian doll. item is previously owned and one so beautiful fashion doll of the late 50s, Valentine Canadian ballerina doll, and is as described in the text and shown in pictures. thank you. she needs a clean up or bath.. inventoried doll room shelf 6 filed ok