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Description SHE IS SO SWEET AND CUTE AS SHE IS NAKED AS A JAY BIRD, just could not put clothes on her.. she will go home with a pair of undies... 1958 Canadian doll by Reliable and all of 8 inches tall, portable size, nicely built hard plastic jointed doll... and these were so popular in the 50s I have vivid memories of dollies like Trudy.. blush on cheek, a spot missing on one cheek, open bottle mouth, blue sleep eyes, molded hair..,,, not a nurser doll.. pat 1958 Reliable on her back... darling, clearing out the dolls.. inventory #18.. her name is Trudy in the Canadian Book of Dolls. FOR THE NON NURSER DOLL CHOOSE 1 in the menu and have the same doll with a little dress on an ivory and black embroidered border design, and she has the nurser mouth choose 2 thank you. just going through my inventory and I now have three Trudy dolls, two in the dresses shown and one nude all nurser mouth, the nude one I will include free upon request.. and number 3 here shown in pictures is another Trudy from a large doll estate all done up in crochet ecru lace dress, leggings, bonnet, so cute and shoes too for her choose 3 in the menu... have two nice nude ones on hand and one nude one is 12 inches tall saucy walker turns head molded shoes, closed mouth, cute reliable choose 5 thank you for this one. picture not shown, same type of doll nude but taller doll room shelf 6 inventoried shelf 3. advise which doll you wish please