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Description utest little fashion doll unmarked Canadian fashion doll circa 1960.. five piece vinyl teen body.. vinyl head, sleep eyes,moulded lashes, high arched eyebrows, rooted hair, soft ash blonde TO light brunette,, ., painted nail polish fingernails. like a Revlon doll, and her high heel feet. unmarked.. this one has blue sleep eyes. one eye is a bit stiff. but works well.. she is dressed in what I believe would be her original dress, taffeta red bodice, red and white skirt, factory made, lace trim. nice little dress snap at back, and undies.. Mayfair Canadian company doll in Canada only 1950s to 1960 so this would have been one of their last dolls in production... she had 36 outfits that you could purchase.. Our Debbie does not have any extra outfits.... these dolls were boxed in Canada and Mayfair also made clothes for the major doll companies. Debbie is featured as the only doll shown in the Green Book of Dolls of Canada.. apparently this doll is very hard to find outside of Canada... OUR LITTLE MISSIE doll is previously owned, nice condition, , she is a lovely example of the late 50s to 1960 Canadian doll, similar to Miss Marie doll of that era.. very portable. great gift for any age. wonderful for a grandchild starting up her own collection. inventory 1525.a and because our Debbie is unmarked she could be a clone, but I am so positive this is my debbie doll. the other fashion dolls like her have a U on the back of her head,.. I received her from the original owner and she told me this was a Debbie Mayfair doll and had several growing up. FROM THE SAME ORIGINAL OWNER there were two Debbie Mayfair dolls.. the one above in taffeta dress is version 1 doll room filed; and her sister is available also version 2 lighter blonde hair, striped snap top and little red knit skirt, and undies, and she is wearing the cutest little red strappy shoes ever.. for her choose 2.. both Debbie dolls both one owner. inventoried doll rm 8 inch dol box.