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Description these are very popular souvenir type dolls,, circa 50s to 60s and most probable a Canadian doll, Reliable I would assume.. all fur wrapped, darling brown hard plastic fully jointed doll in a rabbit foxy red and white toned hooded parka and pants even little leather moccasins.. about 8 inches tall... beautiful doll, molded hair,,, the hood is removable and shows molded black hair, rawhide strips for closure,, very well made souvenir doll all wrapped in real fur., hard plastic, big brown sleep eyes..., the back of the parka is all buckskin with embroidery decoration and rawhide strip. estimate 1960 for this doll. inventory #995 about 8 inches tall, and lots of fur on this little doll... We always combine shipping, and can send several dolls in a package, and we always refund excess shipping paid. thank you. have two of these,, for the foxy red fur native doll choose 1 in the menu and have the very same doll, 8 inches high in buckskin and creamy white fur,moccasins, removable fur trim hood etc.. choose 2 for the creamy white fur trimmed native doll. adorable... advise doll choice. the second doll has less all around fur, a mix of leather buckskin and soft off white rabbit fur... and Reliable is written in script on the back of the second doll. HAVE A THIRD ONE VERY SIMILAR would be a Reliable as well hard plastic googly type eyes and dressed in a buckskin leather outfit leggings with moccasins with rawhide strips, , detachable rawhide hood with whitish rabbit fur trim. and fur around the base of the buckskin leather tunic jacket and all fur down the front. lots of rabbit fur.. for this third one choose 3 in the menu pictures are attached of number 3. very nice condition and he is shown solo except one picture of the foxy red one .. from the front his outfit looks like all fur.. choose 3 for this handsome fellow.. INVENTORY SHELF 7 DOLL ROOM inventoried doll room shelf 6