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Manufacturer: Japan
Description received an estate of Kewpie dolls all sizes including one large one listed separately.. these three girl are not absolutely perfect but all from the same era 1920s or 30s not absolutely perfect but perfectly cute. all three combined.. one celluloid kewpie girl is 14 inches tall with lime green feathers on her tummy and in her hair, betty boop eyes and painted long lashes, bright blush. some dents. on her bodice, has the cane and painted red shoes and white socks they all have the same footwear and each one is shaped different.., the next miss is about 12 inches tall no real feathers, cane, jewelry around her neck, earrings, gold molded hair they all have the same color kind of molded wavy hair. side glancing eyes, and a black top hat fastened to the side of her head and a wee white feather. these would all be made in Japan. and the third one is similar to the last described one with top hat on the side, jewellry, earring on one side, cane also and a slimmer body than her sisters.. all three combined. Japan on her back.. inventory 1703.