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inventory #790, clearing out a lot of my dolls A CANADIAN PLAYPAL WALKING DOLL... her eyes are mesmerizing, blue pinwheel baby blues,painted lower lashes.. nice soft curled rooted ash blonde hair, closed Mona Lisa mouth,, look at the secret smile this girl has on her face... good home for her please, cannot find her in my Canadian book of dolls. back says Regal Canada and she looks very similar to the Canadian Playpal version of Ideal's Playpal doll of that era.. hard plastic body, jointed arms and legs and vinyl face.. not perfect, she has some marks on her, needs a good cleaning... She is dressed in two items.. the light blue so 50s and 60s nylon dress is as she arrived in. and I also had an original Canadian playpal red and green plaid dress and put that on top of her blue one, she goes home with both dresses.. the plaid one was hard to put on for some reason.. maybe too many layers.. the one back tie is loose and needs to be restitched on the plaid dress. she is wearing white rubber shoes , one strap is separated in the middle of the strap, that says 36T made in USA, and original rayon socks. she has the playpal companion hands.. there is something loose inside her plastic teen body and have not checked it out to see what was loose inside her.. she is all intact as far as I can see... her neck is a bit loose not really wobbly just worth mentioning. and a rub mark around her neck her face is very hard vinyl. thick black lashes, and would say her hair and eyes are her best feature.. sold as I received her,, very endearing doll and very expensive to ship.. could not ship overseas, it would be over $100 to ship this doll even surface mail.. .. as you see her, she is so beautiful and unique, as I received her, she is mesmerizing.. and a beautiful child doll.. In an older Canadian doll book the pink one, it shows a 36 inch walking doll like her was made in 1961 which would be her era. I have never seen a doll quite like her... sold as previously owned and as described... not absolutely perfect a few marks on her skin but no chews or breaks... we always combine shipping... shipping to the U.S. would be approximately $60. as parcel for this doll... and about $60 within Canada.. This doll cannot be sent overseas, it would prohibitive about $145... airmail.  item is just one very nice teen body approx 36 inches tall plastic playpal Canadian companion doll and is as described in the text and shown in pictures. thank you. no returns, sold as described, previously owned and very charming... we always combine shipping... not absolutely perfect, she is a beauty with two original playpal dresses.