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Description this is a great set and as I received her.. Very Patsy like and when I purchased her I was told she is a Georgene Averill doll 1927. I do not know if this is correct, she appears unmarked and pretty sure original clothes. To me she is more like the early to mid 1930s at the latest. about 11.5 to 12 inches tall, she is a cutie, bit of crazing here and there not mint perfect but not bad for her age.. some wear on the top of her molded wavy hair.. . painted blue eyes, strung, one arm seems tightly strung on the left side. old oilcloth shoes. cutest white slip with her blue print pants over the slip and matching dress with rick rack. she has many clothes and old wire hangars.. even the neatest pair of wood skis and poles.. I have not seen a pair quite like this pair of skis.. her trunk is 12.5 inches high and a nice condition travel trunk with drawer in it.. Our Patsy type girl just fits into the side compartment.. As shown in the pictures. inventory 1724. filed doll room the trunk alone weighs 1 kg without the compo cutie doll. this item will be expensive to ship overseas. ff inventoried shelf w ok