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Description JUST LOVE THIS CHARMING MYSTERIOUS DOLL, SHE IS LIKE THE MONA LISA? WHO IS SHE, i KEEP THINKING THIS LADY looks so much like the Carmen Miranda dolls of the 1940s, unmarked, beautiful slender face, painted blue side glancing eyes, little red closed mouth, jointed arms and legs. all original in green satin skirt with vintage fringe trim in red, , our lady here has yellow netting top, and magnificent rich burgundy velvet headband with fruit or gourds on her head done up in turban style.. nicely created, beautiful composition doll, all compo, she is amazing and so beautiful and rich.. original little tiny shoes. and one only socks.. will try to find another small one, she does not look played with and do not want to undress her. doubt she has been undressed., actually at the back her clothes are stapled onto her back. all jointed composition, beautiful serious and mysterious girl, , she was sold to me as a Carmen Miranda doll, . if you know who she is please contact me. she is about 11 inches tall and almost 12 inches to the top of her mantilla.. as I received her, nice condition., cute stiff netting undies too.. inventory #1390 doll room shelf 7.. I found out that these dolls are from the 40s and do have a specific name.. I cannot remember it.. One customer collects these type of compo unique dolls. filed doll room shelf 1 doll room ok inventoried