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Description this was a very popular doll of the 40s, , as you see her. inventory #779. clearing the dolls out, and this is a little girl lost.. the year was 1940 and Wetums would have been one of the favorite dolls of that time, the war was on and would be for many more years, dolls always had to be in supply and they used whatever was on hand to make the composition material, sawdust, glue, etc.. they did not last very long if left in the rain or fed them their daily ration of milk or water.... this little girl tells a story, I would say she was well loved , the only real damage is to her face and mouth area where she would have tried to feed her. but looking close this doll is not too bad, seen a lot worse, and only some crazing, a bit of lifting on the right arm, legs aren't bad, and even the molded curls are not too bad., one little paint loss on the top,, but for 1940 all in all not bad at all.. ,THIS wETUMS doll has been to the doll hospital and has been repaired around the mouth and face area. and this was a wetums, open mouth nurser, someone wasn't thinking too clearly that day amazing any nurser dolls in composition ever survived.... All composition, jointed hips and shoulders.. blue painted eyes, black line over eye, light brown moulded hair, open mouth nurser.. mark on head Reliable/ Made in Canada.. no tag.. this doll is now a nostalgic memory and requires a well loved home... made in 1940 and called Wetums.... no reserve. weighs about 300 grams.. shipping to the U.S. would be approximately $14.00. as small packet for this doll... and about $14 within Canada.. Overseas would depend on packaged weight, around $16. we refund excess shipping cost paid.. as you see her, original 1940 Wetums as described with some facial repair, depends on weight in Canada.. 1940s composition Wetums 11 inch Canadian doll by Reliable.. previously owned and loved.. as I received her, and is as described in the text and shown in pictures. thank you. international shipping would depend on boxed weight for this doll