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Description inventory 552. 20'' stunning all original unmarked Composition bride doll this doll is amazing and stunning is a good word.. circa mid 1940s.. gorgeous composition jointed doll. original tied leatherette shoes or oilcloth.. , she even has old nylon stockings with seams up the back so this would date her to war years when nylon stockings first came out.. original ivory bridal or bridesmid form floor gown with antique wide lace crochet trim on the dress. short sleeve dress, fully jointed and old rolled curls mohair wig.,, beautiful antique under slip and boxer panties all with that matching crochet lace trim.. all original.. beautiful doll as I received her, she could be Canadian unmarked all composition,closed pert mouth, blue pinwheel eyes, and lower painted lashes.. love that sandy blonde rolled curls wig.. a great acquisition clearing out the dolls.. If you know the name of this doll it would be appreciated.. thank you. too expensive for overseas, approximately $85 as parcel up to $135.. from Canada. I now have unlimited picture capability, so thankful. and took some pictures of her undressed. This is the first time I have undressed her.. her oilskin shoes are very fragile and do not want to take them off.. the sole is missing on the bottom of one of the shoes.. in one picture you will notice a flaw at her left arm joint.. Email me if you wish other views.. Love her soft mohair wig... and it was fun undressing her, her original clothing is actually in nice condition for its vintage, love the antique ecru lace trim around the bottom of her dress and bodice,, one picture shows her slip, very dainty and long and one slip strap unsnaps.. nice under panties as well..,, and the hose is in good condition and do not see much wear on them, a few catches. you can see the pink blush on her knees through the hose.. and the nylon hose like these came out about mid to late 1940s.. shelf 1 FILED DOLL ROOM inventoried