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Description 5 1/2" COMPO 1940S NANCY ANN STORYBOOK DOLL, AMISH/COLONY OUTFIT INTERESTING we have an original ethnic from a colony, perhaps Amish or other sect, original nancy Ann Storybook Doll U.S.A. i you cannot take her clothes off but pulling down the back of the purple dress you can see Nancy Ann, the frozen legs body early production.. jointed arms all composition, with painted black thin slippers some paint loss, .. original white long cropped linen or cotton type pantaloons. and a beautiful silky type slip with satin ribbon edging.. . she is pudgy cute, and a very heavy doll, I cannot see any other markings.. soft brown mohair wavy hair, cute as can be. she is wearing a black long apron that is removable, an a black shawl that is removable, as well as a wagon type bonnet with ivory ribbon.. as I received her, nice condition, original and adorable.. I do not have very many of these dolls in stock. inventory 1242 and they call these dolls bisque, to me they are composition. 5 1/2 inches tall nice condition all composition nancy Ann.. the pictures just do not do this doll justice.. I was originally having a problem with the bonnet, the original string was tied so tight at her chin and went across her cute face. so took some pics with the bonnet backwards.. then I tried to undo the string which took 20 minutes.. and only was able to separate the string partly. filed doll room bin