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Description Hollywood Doll Manufacturing Company was founded in Glendale, California in 1941-1956, and supplied more dolls to the market than any other doll manufacturer. Dolls are 5-8" tall, painted bisque, composition, hard plastic or vinyl and can be jointed at the neck, hip and shoulder, have sleep eyes, wig or mohair glued to head, closed mouths and have elaborate costumes to fit their theme. Most dolls have the name "Hollywood Doll" and a star mark, however to identify your exact doll it has to have it's original clothing, it's box and/or wrist tag. above is the history from doll reference, our charming blonde mohair wig all composition miss has Hollywood on her back.. all original in a bridal type gown, beautiful blonde wig, red heart shape mouth, , fresh blush, painted blue eyes, lashes. net underslip and painted white shoes.. nice addition to any collection, similar to the Story book Nancy Ann dolls just a bit taller.. as I received her.., . don't think she was really played with, just displayed.. cutie undies too.. about 8 inches tall this dear doll dressed up for a gala event. inventory 528 have a similar doll listed she is dressed up glitzy and listed separately.. this one is in a nice bridal gown and original veil. big side glancing blue eyes, heart shaped mouth. just a nice doll. blonde wavy hair. one piece frozen body and white painted shoes. I am studying her and she is almost all composition and her arms could be early plastic. the rest is composition, rub on her foot, and some of these dolls were transitional and Nancy Ann and Hollywood, Storybook etc. some dolls were mostly the composition with plastic arms when plastic first came out. the back of her lovely bridal gown is stapled to her back so I cannot read her origin. a few threads hanging. doll room filed ff inventoried doll rm box ok