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Description group of 5 dollies, dollhouse size as shown in pictures, all are vintage.. first the pair of plastic man and woman dolls. about 4 inches tall, he is in a dark two piece suit, painted dark brown hair, and his misses is in a brown skirt and beige blouse., early plastic look like the Reliable plastic dolls of the late 40s.. shiny pink plastic bodies, and we have a sewing girl type taller plastic doll, she is lovely about 5 inches tall and came with this satin purple gown all lace trimmed. she has a stamp on her back but cannot read it clearly. jointed arms.. lovely pink plastic doll, fun to dress up and make clothes for. and then two cuties, one is a kewpie type side glancing all plastic about 3 inches tall doll, quite solid for a little guy and then a slimmer off white plastic child doll a thinker a British product child.. all five combined together. INVENTORY 143 I thought I recognized the name of the girl in the lilac dress, she is a Canadian 1948 Cheerio doll she has Cheerio in a circle on her back, hard to read but pretty sure that is who she is. doll room shelf 6