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i AM fortunate to have a few of these very hard to find and oh so special saucy walker type English dolls. very dark brown. MOST OF MY PREVIOUS DOLLS LIKE HER WERE PEDIGREE. this one is 19 INCHES TALL A REVERED SAUCY WALKER DOLL ENGLISH PALITOY AND WEARING a lovely nylon type red and white short sleeve dress that suits her., it has an attached underslip with lace hem. absolutely love this doll and she needs a good home only please.. she would be too expensive to be shipped overseas, contact me if you live overseas and would like a quote on shipping outside of Canada or the U.S. she is just too cool for words, circa 1960 rare doll indeed with her close knit curls.. flirty eyes and she is a saucy walker built doll. only have had a few others like her in the past 12 years.. as I received her, she is wearing underwear and black knit socks.. Pedigree, not perfect but a great doll.. inventory # 2582 and she comes with undies.. her eyes flirt back and forth, . all very hard plastic doll.. her head turns when she walks like a saucy walker.... and she has lovely amber eyes. she is not sold as perfect but perfectly lovable and overall not bad condition for her age.. she has some seam separations but do not affect her ability to flirt and walk saucily... dark red mouth with two teeth and tongue. amber side glancing flirty eyes.. she is really precious. she has a loose voice box inside that is mute. great doll, expensive to ship markings are Made in England Pat. N. 535811. foreign patents.. inventory 2582.. filed shelf 7 doll room inventoried