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Description another fine Spanish dancer about 11 inches tall, resplendent in hot pink full satin dress with pink lace, on a plastic stand, plastic doll wearing white shoes, one shoe is off her foot but attached to the stand., she has a wire hoop in her full skirt.. each doll seems to be slightly different., she is another Marin Spanish doll, Marin embossed on stand.. she has her mantilla with rose, big smile, black hair, pink lace mantilla and great dress, long gold earrings, and castanets. inventory 748a. doll shelf 4 inventoried doll rm i HAVE A SIMILAR DOLL DRESSED IN PURPLE AND GOLD lace, castanets, wire stand, white painted shoes.. for the pink lace doll choose version 1, and for the lady in purple choose version 2, pictures follow.. she is about 7.5 inches tall and has a Marin made in spain tag, lovely dress, flower on the head, pearl earrings, bracelets.. I also have a similar great lady in canary yellow on wire stand Marin paper label and with castanets as well. she is about 7 inches tall.. for the dancer in bright yellow lace and satin and earrings and castanets choose version 3.. DAZZLING IN RICH GOLD TAFFETA AND LACE AND GLITTER.. BEAUTIFULLY MADE and the pics do not do her justice, vinyl doll, tag Marin, Chiclana Made in Spain a Spanish dancer with castenettes.. veil headdress in yellow.. this is a true deep gold tone satin dress, white painted shoes on old metal stand.. circa 60s on estimate. and her name is Trini on back of card... she is about 7 inches high nice condition been on display. well made, gorgeous gown.. advise which doll you wish please. thank you inventoried doll room