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Description these two can be under this category and also Canadian dolls. two beautifully dress by Natives kimmie dolls circa mid 1960s. the taller one is all fur and buckskin, leather moccs, fur hood, lots of fur. he is about 14 inches tall and straight black hair, sleep eyes, cheeky cheeks, nice condition, just been on display.. very heavy and solid, jointed of vinyl. long cape hood. dressed for the coldest climes. cannot see his markings.. and he goes home with his younger brother. about 12 inches tall a Reliable doll circa 1969. all dressed in similar bucksin leathers, has fur parka and fur hood. open closed mouth, inset eyes. cute doll both combined.. shipping would be expensive for overseas but could do =irmail small packet up to 2 kg.. 56= inventory 2067 bin 14 lr ok.. the bigger brother has tanned skin. , watermelon grin, amber sleep eyes, and has white fur down the front of each side of his jacket. ,, there is fur around the top of each moccasin. his large hooded cape is fur trimmed, with fur at the tie. .. The younger brother has a separate long hooded hood as well with stitching. fur trimmed and pom pom at the end. leather straps. and his fur coat is leather also with white and tan and dark brown furs on the front and fur around the moccasins and the cuffs... the tan soft fur goes around the hem of the jacket.... he has no shirt under his coat either.. inventoried