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Description 11" HEUBACH KOPPLESDORF 342 GERMAN BEEFEATER DOLL, COSTUME adorable doll with only a bit of history from a large doll collection.. go anywhere size of 11 inches tall this German made composition doll is dressed as an English Beefeater.. all of 11 inches tall, he has a lot of charm with his smith and teeth.. back of neck Heubach Koppelsdorf 342 7/0 Germany . bisque head, and compo arms, cloth body, red cloth legs.. short black hair wig glued on his head. Blue solid mounted eyes, open mouth, two teeth, felt tongue.. .. on the notes from the owner it says this adorable young boy has a crack across the face and is repaired.. I had to look for it, I could not see it even close up.. .. he has red leggings, in cotton, black leather shoes.. the costume is wonderful with the Elizabethan ruffle collar, embroidered royal red tunic with black and gold ribbon. and the belt. cute vintage red felt bloomers with rosettes.. nice vintage doll even with a flaw on his face. red dots in nose, lashes.. there is a chip on his cheek. that is part of the original crack line.. inventory 2123.. our Beefeater has his black satin hat adorned with red white and blue ribbon rosettes. shown in the picture. nice hat completes the costume filed ff INVENTORIED BR BIN 18 FILED