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Description inventory #40 *14 Rechnagel blonde mohair wig, R 3/0 A AND 21 ABOVE those numbers and letters. nice fancy writing. .. CLEARING OUT THE DOLLS and this one is a cutie.. a 14 inch German.. and following is the description when I originally received her a few years ago... quote.. here is a sweet 14" German made doll with bisque head on a nine piece composition body. She has blue sleep eyes and a light blond wig that feels like mohair. She has an open mouth with teeth showing. She has nice bright face paint: pink cheeks, single stroke brown eyebrows, above and beneath the eyes lashes, peachy lips and acute dimple in her chin. She has one tiny round paint rub spot on her right forehead. Her lower arms and lower legs are painted compo; her torso is a crude stick shape that is unpainted. She is missing the tips of her toes on her left foot. There is a bit of paint rub on the joints of her knee and elbow joints. The seams of the torso (could be paper mache) are rough and separating on the side just a bit. There is a faint thin line on the back of her head which appears to be superficial and not a hairline. Her wig is afixed tightly to her head so I cant look inside the head cavity. The wig could be original. She is marked on the back of her head, 21 and under that, GERMANY, and under that, R 3/0 A. She wears a vintage cotton white slip, white pantaloons, lace trim. she is just a cute doll, nice size,, blue eyes, a dimple and teeth.. very soft beautiful mohair wig... Sweet antique bisque head doll attributed to Recknagel. Incised 21/Germany/R3/0A. Blue sleep eyes, open mouth showing teeth and a cute dimpled chin. Light blonde antique mohair wig. One tiny white spot on forehead. There is a faint thin line on the back of her head, don't believe it to be a hairline, superficial. Composition body is primitive with a white wash paint finish, stick legs, feet and arms are painted composition. Toes are missing on left foot. Dressed in a pink antique cotton dress with vintage slip, pantaloons, socks and shoes. She is 14" tall. Really sweet. Minor imperfections.