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Manufacturer: German
Description . She is a 16" German toddler in excellent condition. She is marked on the back of the head: S H A, but I am not familiar with that mark. Her blue satin dress, synthetic wig, and hair ribbons are all original! She has her original tag which says, in German," I can say Mama." THIS doll was working when I received her and she has been on display and not played with, presently she is not talking so it may be sporadic.. Her head is like a painted bisque; her chubby toddler body is composition and beautifully painted. Her pretty blue glass eyes open and close. Her painted bisque head has no damage. No cracks or chips. She has an open mouth with 2 glass teeth and a felt tongue. This dolly is in overall excellent, original condition. Doll shows only light surface crazing to one leg, some missing lashes on one eye, and 2 tiny paint flecks on face. These antique German toddlers are growing in popularity and are hard to find in all original condition. 839. 16??????? German toddler SHA, original blue dress,tag mama doll AS I received her, lovely cutie and would estimate she could be circa 1940s... AND IT was interesting undressing her and seeing her in her glory,, I noticed a crack in the composition on her one shoulder, picture taken of it.. and she has a bit of crazing on one leg.. just a nice doll with unusual mama cryer.. not shown in pictures she is wearing shiny black patent strappy shoes. filed doll room shelf 1 ok inventoried