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Description i DO NOT KNOW much about the prior history of this Eaton's Beauty doll. she is circa the 1936 1937 according to the green book of Canadian dolls. page 29 19 inches tall. Painted bisque head, brown glass sleep eyes, lashes, , brown mohair wig, open mouth with four teeth.. compo body straight limbed jointed hips, shoulders, head.. inventory 4266 D Char. #113 and circa 1936 to 37 era brunette, mohair wig, sleep eyes, teeth, she is lovely, wearing a pretty pink chemise and an original red Eaton Beauty ribbon. socks and shoes. lovely display doll. very nostalgic.. . Char filed. as shown in her pictures.. I do not see any repairs or breaks on her cute bisque head.. . German Armand Marseilles 390 AM 2 1/2.. brown sleep eyes, lovely blush, red dots in nose, open mouth with teeth a few lashes could be missing on the right side, black shoes vintage and socks.. her pink onesie is so cute with little bows at the lace hem... Her pink onesie does not seem removable. and did not want to rip the top seam to remove it for better pictures... filed doll rm cabinet Nice Eaton Beauty Doll by Armand Marseille. No hairlines or damages to bisque head, incised ARMAND MARSEILLE/GERMANY/390/ A 2 1/2 M. Brown sleep eyes with lashes, very rosy cheeks, open mouth showing teeth. Original mohair wig. Original composition body with straight legs. She wears her original pink onsie with original Eaton Beauty ribbon. Words on ribbon is very faint. Replaced shoes and socks. Char.m inventoried lr ok sold to lloydminster