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Description inventory number 1. BISQUE HEAD GERMANY 22" - THIS 22??????? BISQUE HEAD DOLL WHICH IS PERFECT NO CHIPS OR HAIRLINES, SLEEP BLUE GLASS EYES, ORIGINAL EYE WAX, MARKED GERMANY THE # APPEARS TO BE A 7 BUT NOT SURE. CHECK OUT HER ADORABLE CHIN DIMPLE. DOLL WEARS BROWN HUMAN HAIR WIG, COMPOSITION BALL JOINTED IN VERY GOOD CONDITION FOR THE AGE, AROUND 1910. i will try magnifying it again and see what the number is. could even be a 4. clearing out the dolls as I received her.. lovely antique German girl doll...,, she has a nice brown wig and a pretty very old eyelet cut work white and pink dress, with long white socks., antique pink sheery slip underneath and antique white cotton slip underneath the dress with the pink slip attached... as I received her.., beautiful blue sleep eyes, no lashes.., compo body, bisque head.., swivel wrists, and red lines on fingers, slightly opened mouth with a full mouth of teeth, nice dimple, blonde or ash blonde thick brows.. our beautiful tall doll also has a pair of antique pantaloons on... you should be pleased.. nice doll German made, perhaps for the French market, only 7 on back of head.. and believe it is a 7 the European 7 with the cross over the lower part of the 7... IT WOULD BE TOO EXPENSIVE TO THIS SHIP THIS LOVELY DOLL OVERSEAS, APPROX $135 AIRMAIL OVERSEAS AND ABOUT $80 PARCEL, 6 TO 8 WEEKS TRAVELLING TIME BY SURFACE TO OVERSEAS COUNTRIES. SHE COMES WITH An antique little dark blue velvet topper hat with light blue feather crochet ecru lace trim. wearing older socks and older vintage beige oilcloth shoes.. she displays beautifully and is a treasure. good home please.. doll room Beautiful 22" German doll but not sure of maker, dates to 1910. Simply incised MADE IN GERMANY/7. No hairlines or damages to bisque, two small pin dot white spots on eye brows. Blue glass sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth. Human hair wig. Ball jointed composition body with minor rubs and small chips. Dressed in a lovely antique/vintage dress with elaborate machine embroidery, attached pink linen slip, antique slip, pantaloons, vintage socks and coral oil cloth shoes.