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Manufacturer: German
Description This doll is all original and is 24" tall. She has brown human hair and her original pate. She is marked "A.S. ... Foreign...82...3". I do not know who her maker is. She has a china or glass head that has been painted and is very vibrant. The paint has two tiny spots, one under her hair by her brow and one near her jaw line where the paint has come off. Otherwise the face paint is great. Her eyes do not and never did have lashes. One eye is missing the pink wax on it's lid but this is not noticeable when she is standing up. Now for her clothes. She is wearing pantaloons, a shift with trim, a petticoat, a peach colored shell, black jacuard patterned underskirt, black overskirt that opens in the front, a white apron, a three-strand necklace of coral beads (or glass that is coral colored) with a gold clasp, a silky shawl that matches her blouse or shell and a black jacquard jacket that ties in front. She also has a white cap that fits closely to her head over which is a metal decorative frame that keeps her lace cap on and in position and brass ball hat pins. She has her original shoes and heavy black stockings. The shoes have wear and the stockings have holes (I think) unless those holes are supposed to be a pattern. Her clothes are all in very good condition. Her two caps are yellowed with age. Her hair is uncut and in braids that wrap around her head. Her body is ball jointed and tightly strung and all fingers and toes are accounted for. The torso is mache and the limbs are wood and the hands are compo I think (not sure on the hands). This doll comes from a collector in Round Rock, TX who bought it She was third owner, I am fourth and the above is the description as I received her a few years ago. and in the Coleman Book of dolls this is A. Schmidt and according to the book only made dolls in 1900.. Walershausen, Thur. Porcelain factory the only record I could find of this doll artist. used intertwined initials A.S. . this doll was perfect when I bought her according to the description above, and when she arrived she had rubs around the outside of her eye sockets, that is the only flaw I can see... been on display.. She is a valuable rare doll and needs a good home please. Her clothes have not been removed and are aged.. Great personality a very German doll. tall and beautiful. BISQUE HEAD, compo body.. lovely truly an antique doll circa 1900.. . weighs about 1 kilogram . WILL go as parcel mail. clearing out the dolls while waiting for my website to become reactivated.. This girl is precious. good home please. . nice size, great for any collection.. inventory #791... we always combine shipping... shipping to the U.S. would be approximately $31.00. as parcel for this doll... and about $26 within Canada.. Overseas would depend on packaged weight, around $52. up to 2 kg.. cheaper as surface mail we refund excess shipping cost paid.. as you see her, , depends on weight in Canada 1/4/2004