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Manufacturer: German
Description Here she is, pretty Queen Louise! she has a flaw, You will not be able to see this hairline with your eyes and of course the pictures could not capture it. It runs from the brim to the right eyelid. A professional doll owner that I purchased her from supported inside of the head to stable the line. She has the most beautiful smooth, pale bisque and it would be a perfect head if not for the above mentioned hairline. Original blue socket eyes still have original eyelids waxed, long painted lower eyelashes, original teeth, orange color outlined lips, dark brown, old fashion style newer wig. She has all the details of a pretty Armand Marseille doll. She has a dimpled chin. Soft peach and cream complexion, blushed cheeks are so pretty on her pale bisque face. She has a vintage long yellow dress with matching underpants, accented with silk yellow roses, matching headpiece. and I have redressed her in a lovely antique very long white cotton gown. and beautiful antique crochet trim undergarments, her underslip is one of the oldest ones I have on hand, bloomers, newer vintage socks and shoes.. beautiful wig.. *** inventory #179.. She is about 24". The back of the head is marked "28 8 Queen Louise Germany " 7 . Condition She has a pale, beautiful bisque face. She is very nice! But she has a hairline on her forehead. You can't see it but it's there. Also, some wig pulls near the crown. Most part of the body is original and really looks nice enough for her age but the right leg is not her original and she has three rebuilt fingers, touched up at joints. her body was restrung by previous owner.... IN ONE book I read this doll could be attributed to Louis Wolf and circa 1920.. sold as you see her, c She is tall and gracious and beautiful... one of the nicest wigs I have seen with beautiful brown waves and curls.. description above is as I received her.. her book value without the flaw is well over $700 US.. when I purchased her. shipping overseas would be to lois auction