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Manufacturer : German
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Description 29" STUNNING 1 OWNER GERMAN AM 390 13 LONG RINGLET HAIR,CLOTHES. 29" Antique bisque "Armand Marseille"Child doll in her original clothes. Beautifully done large child doll with extra long human hair curls cascading down her back. This is an estate doll bought from the original family. Her name was "Laurel" and she was a Christmas present to a lucky little girl long ago. Doll has huge brown sleep eyes with finely painted upper and lower lashes. Her eyebrows are finely feathered and she has an open mouth with four teeth. She has high cheek color with no scratches or scuffs. Her long, original human hair wig is still in it's original set and is a pretty shade of honey blonde. Doll has a ball jointed composition body with it's original finish. She is nicely strung and can hold a pose. She wears her original cream colored lace dress with cap sleeves and red and cream streamers running down the side of dress. The edge of dress has a scalloped edge. She wears a pinkish beige full slip and has a light pink knit one piece underwear. (see photo). Doll has her original beige knit stockings and off white leatherette shoes with silver metal buckles and black wooden heels. Her original red silk tam completes her look. Doll is in excellent condition with no hairline cracks in her bisque. Her high coloring is very even with no scuffs. Her long original wig has a few thin spots but is overall in nice condition for her age. Doll's dress is very nice with no tears or stains in the lace. Her undergarments are also very nice. Doll's shoes are in good condition with no cracks in the leatherette. Marks: Armand Marseille Germany 390 A. 13 M. Circa 1918-1920. ONE VERY AMAZING DOLL.. she would cost close to $135 to ship her overseas and would prefer to send her locally or the States.. inventory 2017.. ivnentoried doll room