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Description THIS IS A NICE ANTIQUE UNMARKED BISQUE HEAD DOLL, ITS LOOKS LIKE AN UNMARKED HERTWIG TO ME ? SEE PICS SHE IS 8 1/2" LONG,SHE HAS A BISQUE HEAD WITH A MOLDED BLUE BONNET , SHE IS IN HER VERY OLD ORIGINAL CLOTHES AND SHE ALSO HAS BISQUE ARMS AND LOWER BISQUE LEGS,FACE PAINT LOOKS GOOD , ARMS NEEDS A LITE CLEANING HER BODY IS SOLID AND FEELS LIKE STUFFED STRAW SHE ALSO HAS A GORGEOUS LACE UNDER HER SKIRT ON THE FRONT OF THE SHOULDER PLATE SHE HAS DELICATE GOLD TRIM PAINT A LITTLE FADED ON ONE SIDE VERY NICE RARE BISQUE DOLL FOR YOUR COLLECTION, ... RARE GERMAN BISQUE BONNET DOLL UNMARKED HERTWIG ANTIQUE original description when I purchased her many years ago.. clearing out the dolls.. the lace on this antique clothing is marvellous beautiful undergarments, slip and heavy lace pantaloons..,, lovely old velvet bows down the front ruching and at the back.. antique little turquoise buttons.. this beautiful blonde lady doll has painted eyes, mouth, lovely quiet girl. and more of a flat bisque than the glossy china heads.. inventory 24.. just a lovely size doll that would fit in anywhere.. 8 1/2 inches. unplayed with condition previously owned.. i CAN ONLY ESTIMATE SHE would be circa 1900 to 1910, 1920 at the very very latest.. lr FILED DR BR ff ok to lois...