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Manufacturer: German
LOVELY 8 INCH gERMAN, BLACK FOREST REGION INTERNATIONAL DOLLS IN THEIR COSTUMES OF THEIR COUNTRY.. very well dressed. and the doll we have for sale here is identical to the one in the picture that was in her container with a boy.. in the one in the container, it had a Schmider tags so would assume this is a Schmider doll as well.. German girl,. she has the red pom poms on her straw hat, long dark brown braids.. have the painted white stockings and little rubber shoes.. very well done, 8 inches tall approx.. inventory #350b clearing out the dolls.. this girl has been on display and is not perfect.... some dye ran onto her blouse from a long time ago, red apron is creased a bit.. has her hat with pom poms, and feels like celluloid.., painted blue eyes, dark brown long hair in braids.. nice underwear,, not played with, but some display wear.. inventory 350b the picture here is of the actual doll you will receive... HAVE TWO ALMOST IDENTICAL OF THIS CHARMING INTERNATIONAL GERMAN REGION CULTURAL DOLL.. have one in almost perfect condition same outfit with that green and red thick woven trim around the bottom of the skirt. red apron, lace trim.. and nice black with pink floral dress. same type of hat, black netting. and ribbons in her dark brown braids.. cellulose type face as well, painted white stockings and black slip on shoes.. she has her original tag Schmider.. and she is shown in these pictures.. she will go first.. advise if you wish the other one instead of this one in better condition with tag. thank you. there is only one picture of the first doll and the rest are of the second similar doll with tag, close to unplayed with condition.. beautiful ethnic doll. flled ff inventoried 1st and SECOND one in shelf 7 doll room inventoried