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Description THIS IS A REALLY NEAT COLLECTIBLE DOLL ON MANY LEVELS.. THIS IS A 9 INCH gOLLIWOG sTEIFF, BUTTON IN THE EAR 651878 gOLLI gIRL AND HER SWEET 4 INCH PEG DOLL IN STRIPE DRESS, WELL JOINTED AND PAINTED .. i AM SELLING this pair for my friend, she is downsizing her massive inventory over 12,000 dolls. Inventory 6263D 106 char. The girl Golly is 9 inches tall and her friend in about 4 inches tall.. all tags and button etc.. 1996. she paid 500 for this golli when it first appeared in 1996.. German black Golliwog, tags, etc.. all original, and believe this may have been purchased with the box which we cannot locate. limited to 2500 of these dolls.. all felt.. nice condition preowned.. one write up on this pair, background.. his wonderful duo is from 1996 and was inspired by Florence Upton's, (The creator of the Golly) book , The Golliwog and two Dutch Dolls published in 1895. They were created as an exclusive for the Toy Store USA to celebrate their Festival XI of Steiff. Molli is 9"/23cm tall and fully jointed. She has been sewn from the finest quality wool felt in black and white, with a body incorporated red top and blue skirt, trimmed in red. A red satin ribbon bow sits at her collar, with two more bows amidst her shock of mohair 'hair'. Leatherette boots with felt soles add more charm, whilst ensuring she can be self standing. Now for her sweet face ??? her twinkling black eyes rest upon circles of wool felt, red over white, with her wide red smile highlighted with simple white floss. Peg Doll is 4"/ 10cm tall and fully jointed. She has been crafted from wood with hand painted details, including a charming face and era styled hair. She wears a red and white striped cotton dress, which is where you will locate her "Button in the Ear". She has been designed to sit on Molli's left arm. unquote..