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Description 9" Antique Bisque Miniature German girl doll in a vintage cotton print dress. Darling cabinet size girl with nice detail in her features. She has brown fluid liquid sleep eyes and tiny painted upper and lower lashes. Her tiny open mouth has four teeth. She has her original honey blond human hair wig in waves. Doll has her original cardboard and papier mache body with wire strung limbs that move nicely. Her feet have brown molded shoes and molded ribbed stockings. She wears a cute vintage dress in a tiny floral print with a matching hat. Dress has old lace and ribbon trim. Doll wears a beige cotton camisole and white cotton pantaloons. She is in beautiful condition with no cracks or chips in her bisque. Her body has it's original finish with no chips or cracks. Her hair is clean with no trims. Doll's dress is nice with no stains. Marks: A crown mark 200 and she was sold to me as a Goebel. Looking at her identification marks she is a I am getting educated and informed, I guess being immersed in so many dolls for over 15 years I recognize some incise marks.. I bought this doll from a very recognized doll dealer and I trust her totally. I bought her quite a while back and never examined her closely or listed her. Today she is getting listed and her title is going to change. She was sold to me as a Goebel 200. when I took the pictures I notices the big W and S and though whoa that is not Goebel. At first I thought SWC one of my favorite small doll manufacturers.. ours is 9 inches tall and this is the doll reference description online. and yes this is her description.Walther & Sohn Doll Tiny 9" doll with a bisque head, painted single stroke eye brows, stationary glass pupiless fixed eyes, painted upper and lower eye lashes, open mouth with teeth, chin dimple, with a five piece jointed composition body. according to doll reference.. Dainty miss in a cute tiny print dress. AS I RECEIVED HER. INVENTORY 2208. doll room. cute cabinet size German doll. AND SHE IS A W&S gERMAN DOLL. filed. she has the wired joints, quite an old gal. and her head is a bit loose but that is the way she is. I have added a cute antique straw hat on her head inventoried lr cabinet to Lois for auction