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Description McCall's Sewing Pattern super thick and heavy extra postage.. #4404 Children's AND ALSO ADULTS SIZING Medieval Costume Package by Andrea Schewe King, Queen, Princess, Knight, Robin Hood, Fair Maid Marion one in children sizing 5,6, bit of wear and ink on pattern jacket.. uncut and P399 medieval costume package.. chest 24 to 25 inches,, choose 5 in the menu for the children sizing.... and have one boy girl in size 7 /8 only F hat cut, partly cut checked out ok choose 8 in the menu. chest 26, 27. and have adult sizing as well mccall's 4404 adult small chest or bust 32 1/2 to 34 inches, choose small in the menu,,, and have one adult small without the pattern jacket, tissue uncut original folds and instructions, last one to go.. crisp uncut thick pattern.. and have 2 in adult large as well, sticker rub on front, uncut, chest or bust 40 to 42 inches... would need to go as small packet mail, super thick.... A is princess with gown, hat, vest and hat scarf.. and B is queen, gown, vest, crown.. and C is fair maid, gown, cape, vest, collar.. D is the king, cape, shorts, body shield. crown... and E is knight with helmet, body shield, hand shield and leg shield... and F Robin Hood, hat and cape.. totally wow.. the princess A and Queen B satins, moire, brocade, cotton, taffeta, velveteen, etc.. knight is in metallics, etc.. Out Of Print ????1989 several sizes in stock..Andrea Schewe: robin hood, princesses, cape, knight, armor, shield, queen c. 1989 and now have one in adult extra small Princess A cut only rest is uncut. pattern is in a large brown envelope with instructions and the pattern jacket is taped to the front of the brown envelope.. adult extra small bust or chest 30 1/2 to 31 1/2 inches, choose extra small/petite in the menu for the adult extra small range. AND HAVE ONE NICE CONDITION UNCUT SIZE MEDIUM ADULT. CHEST 36, 38 INCHES CHOOSE MEDIUM THANKS