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Manufacturer: Simplicity Patterns
Description This 15 piece NEW and UNCUT pattern features 5 different patterns in one. You can create JOSEPH, THREE KINGS and SHEPHERD. Each costume is made up of two or more of the following interchangable pieces: Long Tunic; Short Tunic; Cape; Overtunic; Sash; Collar; Turban; Cape Collar; Crown; Headwrap. lovely adult holiday costume collection, for plays, nativity scenes, products, medieval clothing. uncut thick and heavy simplicity 7031 adult large to x large. extra postage.. men's costume are for Joseph, three kings and the shepherd. each costume is made up of two or mroe items. items numbered as follows, this ia s little different than the other Passion Play, Nativity costumes.. 1 long tunic; 2 short tunic; 3 cape, 4 overtunic.. 5 sash.. 6 crown.. 7 cape collar.. 8 a turban. and 9 a collar, and 10 headwrap. use laundered cottons, linens, damask etc.. 3 cape and 7 cape collar also in home dec.., chenille.. 5 sash also in satin.. 8 turban in taffeta.. 9 collar in brocade.. 10 headwrap in soft wovens.. lovely costumes.. Joseph, Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar and the shepherd characters costumes.. simplicity 7031 and have the children's also. for the adult size large to x large,, chest 42 to 48 inches choose large in the menu. and have one uncut 7029 children sizing small to large, chest 23 to 32 inches,. children numbers are similar but a bit different.. tunics are 1,2, the 3 cape, but 4 is belt, and 5 is halo, 6 is collar. 7 turban, 8 vest, and 9 headwrap. size 4 to 14.. choose small for the children's sizing, thick and heavy also. uncut