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Description a truly great find... a fashion doll pattern 5 NEW OUT OF PRINT PATTERNS IN STOCK LEFT. VOGUE 7785 FOR Barbie size dolls vogue 7785 11 1/2 inch doll active wear clothes. make great outdoorsy sporty outfits.. * A top, shorts and visor. * B outfit top, skort and visor * C outfit top, jacket and pants. * D outfit top jacket, and pants * E outfit top and shorts * B.C.D. contrast sections and purchased trims * suggest top A.B.E., skort B, jacket, pants C, contrast 1D, shorts E stable knits * shorts A, jacket and pants D cotton broadcloth and nylon blends. contrast 2D faux fur. * 2003 last in stock.USEd a copy from the web.. these are new crisp patterns.5 in total in stock. one very precious Vogue sporty active wear for 11 1/2 inch Barbie doll and teen fashion friends doll clothes pattern, vogue 7785 last in stock, new crisp patterns and we combine shipping