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Manufacturer: Advance
Description a write up on this pattern on the net quote: t's a bit different from, say the Simplicity patterns you can buy new right now. Each of the six patterns is on one sheet of tissue, and the directions are on the same sheet. Cut the square of pattern pieces away from the directions, and place that part on the fabric. You'll have to pay attention to single thicknesses, where the fold is, stuff like that, but it's a pretty easy way to handle the layout. Of course, more experienced sewers may choose to cut the pattern pieces out for less waste and more flexibility, but it all depends on what you're comfortable with. Once you've got it cut out, the directions take you through construction, step by step, taking time to explain along the way. I got thoroughly spoiled by this pattern - many of today's will say 'do this' without explaining how. This one explains it all. You may need to refer to the Barbie Sewing Book once or twice, but on the whole, it's very easy. It does rely a bit much on hand-sewing things like armholes and cuffs. It doesn't take long, and gives you a bit of a break from the sewing machine. But you may prefer to hem those up before you sew the seams - what's referred to as 'using flat construction' basically means sewing up hems and cuffs and armholes before they become sleeves, bodice, and skirt. Hand sewing a 2-inch circle is a bit of a pain. It walks you through darts, half-darts, collars, and gathering almost effortlessly. I'll be honest - the tiny-looking Mandarin stand-up collar on the Oriental Sheath nearly had me locked up worrying, 'How in the world am I gonna do this ?' ! But it went in just right the first time. I was amazed at how easy it was. By the time you've made the first of your selections, you'll want to make them all ! And then, you'll want to customize - make the sheath longer, leaving the straps off the sundress...it all fits so well, why not make it your way ? That's the real beauty of the Advance patterns - they fit ! Well, they do if you remember that the seam allowance is a half-inch, instead of 3/8 or 1/4 inch like many other patterns. My first sheath was a bit baggy because I used a smaller allowance out of habit. It may help to mark where the seams go on the wrong side of your fabric. That also helps keep your stitch line straighter, too. AND PERHAPS since this pattern is uncut, trace the pattern. The pattern calls for using everyday chalkboard chalk to make pattern markings on the fabric, but I still prefer the old tracing wheel and paper. Still, it was nice to see that frugal, don't-need-a-lot-of-new-stuff mindset here. unquote.. Barbie 6 patterns dated 1961 on the front, Barbie was only a few years old then and great looking fashions.. .. Advance 9938 and this pattern is uncut., in transport the bottom corner piece came off but I have it here and will go with the pattern. original folds. uncut pattern.. .. wear on pattern jacket not perfect. but all intact.. 6 designs.. 1. the sun dress with petticoat attached or a short evening dress; 2. oriental sheath, in cotton, taffeta, linen or brocade perhaps.. 3. is strapless party dress with petticoat attached.. and 4 Oriental kimonos. and 5 sports separates.. and 6 is the coat of wool, cotton broadcloth, pique etc.. and a special pantie pattern to complete the wardrobe.. it is so hard to find Barbie panties.. uncut pattern.