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Manufacturer: Butterick
Description COSTUME ACCESSORIES: Package includes accessories for Men????????s and Women????????s Medieval, 18th and 19th Century garments: braided ropes, lined hats, jabot or cravat, bustle, bustle drape, pannier and ribbon men????????s garter. ADVANCED SKILL... NOTIONS: Braid A: Ten #3 Snaps and 41/4 yds. of 7/8" Cord. Cap B: Purchased One Buckram hat form or frame, 1 yd. of 1/8" Metallic Piping with Lip, 13/8 yds. of 1/8" Metallic Flexible Braid Trim, 1/2 yd. of 1/2" Horsehair Braid and 13/8 yds. of 1/8" Pearls. Hat C: Purchased Approximately Four 4" Feathers, Two 10" Feathers, 3/8 yd. of 1" Ribbon. Jabot D: 11/2 yds. of 1/2" Pre-gathered Ruffling Lace Trim and 1/8 yd. of 1" VELCRO???? Fastener Tape. Cravat E: 1/8 yd. of 1" VELCRO???? Fastener Tape. Bustle Drape F: 61/2 yds. of 1/4" Cord, 23/4 yds. of 3" Fringe, Twelve 3" Tassels, Five #3 Hooks and Eyes, Seam Sealant. Pannier G: Five #6 Hooks and Eyes, Approximately Sixty 1/2" Plastic Rings and One Package of 1/2" Twill Tape. Bustle H: 11/8 yds. of 7/8" Grosgrain Ribbon, 1/2" Single Fold Bias Tape, 3 yds. of 11/2" Pre-gathered Ruffling Lace Trim, One Hook and Eye Closure. Garters I: 11/8 yds. of 1/2" Elastic, 41/2 yds. of 7/8" Ribbon, Hooks and Eyes. FABRICS: Views A, B, C, F and G: Silk Brocade. Also for C: Short Pile Fake Fur. Views E, F, G and H: Cotton and Cotton Blends. Also for E: Velvet and Velveteen. Also for F, G: Ticking. For H (Pads): Fleece. For G: Netting. Unsuitable for obvious diagonals or uneven plaids. Allow extra fabric to match even plaids or stripes. Use nap yardages/layouts or pile, shaded or one-way design fabrics. *with nap. **without nap. Interfacing/Lining/Contrast on Instruction Sheet... BUTTERICK B4157 OUT OF PRINT, CLEARING OUT THE PATTERNS.. 10 IN STOCK ALL NEW CRISP UNCUT.. and these accommodate many historic fashions... as shown in picture.. COVERS WOMEN SIZING SMALL TO XL 8 TO 22 INCLUSIVE.. all great accessories.